Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects

For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing out the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Cleansing System that I received from Influenster. So far, this is the best cleansing system I have tried to date! 95% of the time when I'm washing my face I have a full face of makeup that I'm having to take off. I was skeptical at first because of the brush and makeup staining it. The makeup washed right off the brush and I had a clean face, too. I have noticed improvement in my oil control in my T-zone. I live in South Texas, so our weather can be kinda crazy including the horrible humidity. 

The Olay Fresh Effects line ranges from $4.99-$12.99 on Olay Fresh Effects Website or Amazon. This product is also found at Target for $12.99 as I purchased additional items from the line today (see below). 

Here's me testing out the cleansing system. I had a full face of make-up on, too and was very impressed at how it cleaned my skin, removing all the makeup (except my eyes - do not use this system near your eyes, it might burn). I rinsed off with cool water and patted my face with a dry, clean towel. I also love how this brush is unique and can fit into hard-to-reach places, unlike other cleansing systems. The system left me feeling refreshed and clean. There have been some products that have left my skin feeling dry or tight feeling. I can honestly say that this did not leave my face feeling that way. I did use a little moisturizer and eye cream before bed, just like my usual routine. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes. 

This was not sent from Influenster, I purchased these myself today at Target (you can see the receipt of purchase).

Here's what I purchased:
Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion - $12.99
Shine, Shine Go Away Shine Minimizing Cleanser - $5.99
Bead Me Up Exfoliating Cleanser - $5.99
BB Cream Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer (Light to Medium) - $12.99
S'Wipe Out! Refreshing Make-Up Removal - $4.99

I will be doing a follow up review on the Olay Fresh Effects products purchased today at Target. I just fell in love with the Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid Cleansing system that I had to purchase other products from the line. 

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