Wednesday, August 28, 2013

nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Review

I'm excited that nuNAAT allowed me the opportunity to receive a complimentary set of the Brazilian Keratin Collection.  This following review is my own opinion and someone with a different hair type may experience different results. I also was not compensated for this review.  For more information about nuNAAT and their other products, please check out their website here.

I can honestly say that I am not only makeup obsessed but hair product obsessed (those are both different postings in itself). Let me give you a brief history about my hair. I was about 3-4 years of age when I got my first perm (THANKS MOM! - she was a licensed cosmetologist). By the way, I did say my FIRST perm! I was a little guinea pig for her. We also found out that perms DO NOT work in my hair, EVER! The curl falls out within days. I was about 12 when I received my first highlights (couldn't tell much, my hair is naturally dark). After that age, it was all over! My hair has been colored, highlighted, cut countless times since age 12. I am now 27 and needless to say my hair is DAMAGED! I've actually gone 3 months without doing anything to my hair so far.

When I was looking at the collections, I knew I wanted to try the Brazilian Keratin Collection. Here are the benefits:
  • Works with all hair types
  •  Repairs cuticle damage
  • Regenerates and strengthens hair fiber
  • Restores natural shine and softness
  • Seals hair cuticles
  • Reduces volume and frizz
  • Makes hair resilient and healthy
  • Formaldehyde and sodium chloride free

Let me start off by saying, the intensive hair mask is AMAZING and simple to apply. When applying, I brushed my hair taking out all loose, falling strands. Then I took a scoop full in my hand, applied it from my roots to tips, applied a shower cap (or any other covering), waited about 15 min (or more, if you'd like). Then, rinse out, follow with shampoo/conditioner if you choose. I personally use this as is, I don't use shampoo/conditioner. I find that it leaves my hair soft and manageable without having to add additional products.

The deep shampoo and conditioner felt like a hit or miss. The first day, I used the hair mask, then followed with the shampoo and conditioner. My hair felt oily throughout the day and very oily the next morning. I decided to switch things up a little by just using the shampoo on my scalp, conditioner on my tips. This worked a little better. My hair took some time to adjust to the new products, only because the ingredients lacking was actually in my previous products. Tip: Hair has to be trained, it doesn't just work overnight. There were days I'd just use the shampoo or just conditioner. This last week, I went back to my previous shampoo and conditioner - BIG MISTAKE! My hair felt dry, easily tangled, and just a hot mess. Needless to say, I will be sticking to nuNAAT products or those similar.

Ah! The last two items of the collection. These are the styling products best used with a blowdryer followed by a straightener. My hair looked healthy, shiny, and versatile. NOTE TO SELF: Only use a small amount of product, the size of a dime.

So, what's my overall grade: A

I do plan on purchasing more products down the line from nuNAAT. The products are great for everyday use. Also, recommended for those who have professionally relaxed/straightened hair to keep hair at its best between touch-ups.

The nuNAAT line is available in-store at select Walgreens and Walmart stores, Beauty Supply stores and all Navarro Pharmacies.

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Disclaimer: These products were complimentary of nuNAAT for testing purposes only. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own. 

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