Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY: Headband Holder

What You Need:
Foam Sheet, Ribbon, Fabric, Ruler, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun

Step-By-Step Instructions:
Top Left to Bottom Right: 
- Lay the foam onto the fabric and measure 2" in on each side. Mark the 2" in. on the right side as your cutting point.
- Roll the foam into a tube shape.
- Take the rolled up foam and roll it against the fabric to measure around, mark the fabric with a ruler to cut.
- Cut the fabric and put to the side.
- Hot glue the end of the foam to secure the tube.
- Next, you'll start to hot glue the fabric onto the foam (use a ruler to apply pressure as glue will be hot).
- Next, hot glue then ends into sections going in a circle (think of wrapping a present).
- Take your choice of ribbon and start from the middle of one of the ends and wrap around until it meets again.
- Secure the ribbon all around with hot glue (once again use a ruler to pat down as glue is hot)
- Take two fake flowers, cut, and glue onto the ends (I ran out of ribbon and found the flowers laying around in a box. Plus, the pink gives a pop of color).
- I took the remainder of ribbon (about 24" in) and glued onto each end.

Final Product:


What inspired me to create these headband holders?
I'm a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant. I'm on a limited budget right now and needed a cheap way to display the headbands I carry in my inventory. I "Googled" some ideas and got to working on some displays as I already had the items I needed. These are very light weight to where I can take them on-the-go. I can also use a Command Hook at home parties to hang on the wall for people to shop.

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